The Core Focus Player Development Program Alumni

NBA Players

Cheikh Samb Core Focus Training

Our staff has been part of a team that has helped to produce over 32 NBA Draft selections in the last 6 years alone. With 19 of those players being taken in the 1st Round! It takes more than dedication to reach the top league in the world. Train the right way and don't get left behind.

International Pro Players

Core Focus Training

With clients in 6 continents around the world, the CFT team has fostered relationships to help players reach their goal of playing at the international level. Our team has worked with players from over 40 countries and rapidly expanding that number.

College & High School Basketball Players

Core Focus Training

Through our player development program and annual camps, consisting of live high school, prep school, and college coach exposure, our alumni and current clients have gone on to receive many opportunities to compete at schools in the U.S.A. from the high school to NCAA Division 1 levels.