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Core Focus Training

Let Core Focus Training (CFT) step into your world and overhaul your processes and development to build a championship level culture, reputation and professionalism.  Allow us to help educate and create more knowledgeable and versatile coaches, players, staff and management. Together we will help revamp, or build on your current business operations, strength and conditioning/athlete care, and player development amongst other major areas of importance. 


Core Focus Training

Prepare for the NBA Draft and long-term career success with Core Focus Training. Through our individually tailored training program, NBA workouts will be replicated, and our players will be put in a position for optimal performance in front of team personnel. Together, we will work to advance your skill set, and improve NBA Draft status.


Core Focus Training

With a more demanding and shrinking off-season, our 24/7 accessible staff will implement individualized elite player development training programs to ensure that your game is fine tuned and you are ready to perform. Our system has helped players reach their maximum potential as MVP's, Olympians, and All-Stars. Join us and take it to the next level. 


Core Focus Training

Athletes receive 1 on 1 focus with one of CFT's personal trainers. Workouts are specifically designed for each
 athlete depending on their individual wants and needs. These workouts mirror, “game-like” situations that will teach players how to create or take away space by using angles, body contact, and change of speed/direction. Through these workouts we improve athletic ability, footwork, strength/conditioning and overall knowledge of the game.


Core Focus Training

Players work with a group where each individual will learn and compete with others throughout the training session. Group training will provide some of the same skills and knowledge as individual training, but without complete 1 on 1 instruction.

Team workouts are available and serve as a great chance to improve not only the skills of the players, but to develop team chemistry further. Our CFT staff is open to hosting, as well as traveling to train teams in preparation for, or during their seasons. 


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